Looking for Leaks in Cladding

Home Maintenance in New ZealandLast October, what was considered New Zealand’s largest leaky building case was reported. At a 16-level apartment block, exterior cladding of the building showed signs of weather tightness flaws. Photographs of the cladding showed the dislodgement or cracks of sheets of material.

Leaky Problem

Homes in New Zealand are currently experiencing a leaking crisis. You may have garage cladding and cladding in other parts of your home as well. You are probably worried about the deterioration of your home’s cladding and about leaks appearing. Cladding was supposed to keep the elements out. Now, you may be unsure if your home’s cladding can do just that.

Maintain Paint Coatings

You can keep your home from leaking by inspecting your home for any compromises in the cladding or walls. You can check for paint coatings that have deteriorated. Some cladding needs special paints to seal the surface of cladding. Compromised paint coatings can lead to leaks. You can remedy this by simply covering the area with the appropriate paint.

Seal off Plumbing Holes

You can also take a look at the piping which goes through your home’s cladding. Sealant joints are usually used to seal off the gaps in the cladding due to plumbing. The sealants will only last for so long, however. Once the sealants are completely deteriorated, water can get in through the new hole in the cladding. You can simply fix this by placing new sealants in the gaps.

Covering Fixture Holes

When you have fixed lights, fences, and awnings to cladding, you should have done it properly. Any holes left uncovered from such fixtures can allow water to seep in. The water will then compromise the timber frame as well as the cladding itself. You can seal such holes easily with sealants as well.

You can continue to inspect your home for any other weak spots. When your cladding has greatly deteriorated already, it may do you well to replace the cladding and renovate. You can consult with cladding companies to install new cladding to your home.