Make Some Cash Fast: 4 Ways to Get Through Dire Straits

Stack of CoinsIt happens to just about anyone: payday is days away and you’re short on cash. Your car badly needs a tune up, one or two of your monthly bills are due, your child needs money for a school project or you’re simply running low on gas. Here are some quick money-making hacks on how to get extra money to tide you over until the next cheque is in the mail.


There’s no shame in asking a friend or relative for a small loan. If the situation is truly desperate, you have to swallow your pride and call someone for help. If there’s anyone you’ve done a favour for or loaned cash to in the past, this might be the time to collect on that favour. Be sure to keep your word and pay them back on the date you promised.

Get an Online Loan and other money lending businesses recommend getting easy loans online. They don’t usually have high interest rates because they operate only online. Even if you have a bad credit, they will still let you borrow money. What’s important is that you have the means to pay them back.

Sell Some Items

Find items at home that you no longer use, but might still be valuable. Old jewellery is a good start. You may also have some clothes and shoes you haven’t used in a while. Set up a garage sale and really drop the prices. Put things in boxes and stick one price tag on the box. Don’t try to make a real profit, or your goods won’t sell at all. Make the money you need, as low prices are the reason people visit garage sales.

Babysit or Pet-sit

Look after someone’s child or pet for cash. Of course, this takes responsibility. It’s only for a day or an evening or two, so be patient. You might even have a good time taking care of the child, or get some exercise walking a dog.

There are many other ways to get cash fast to help you out with some expenses when you’re short. These are only a few examples. Think of other things you might be able to do for a little cash.