New Date Night Ideas for Couples

happy coupleSome couples claim that it doesn’t matter if they stay at home having movie marathons or doing chores. They can also have a regular dinner and movie dates. It doesn’t matter as long as they spend quality time as a couple. Does it really matter what you both do as a couple and when? In fact, yes, it matters.

Psychologists say that it’s essential that couples go out on dates. More so, it is equally important what you do and when. New York Times reported that couples who try on new things on dates have successful long-term relationships.

Keep The Fire Going

You don’t need to bring bae to the most romantic spot on Earth nor do you need to spend a lot to make each other feel special. Simple and random date ideas can ignite those cheesy romantic feelings once again.

Here are five simple date ideas that will help your relationship grow stronger:

Korean body scrub

Ever been to a spa together? If yes or no, try the Korean body scrub. According to Grand Spa, a relaxation center in LA, Not only will it tempt you to touch your partner’s smooth skin after, it will also leave you feeling relaxed and clean.

Sign up for a dance class

Maybe bae is not into dirty dancing but you can try an urban dance class or salsa lessons. It can be fun but you’re also getting yourselves together in a fitness session! If dancing is not sexy enough, there’s always pole dancing which is not only a legit workout but can also be daring.

Heading to a convention

Sign up for something that fuels your interests together. Whether it be a comic, tattoo, or income-generating convention, you can be sure to learn something new for the both of you.

Visit a haunted house

Well, it’s not for the faint of heart. If indeed the house is scary, it can bring you closer. If it’s not, you can just have fun and laugh at the experience. Either way, it’s a great addition to your memories together.


Wouldn’t it be fun to record both of your voices together singing your favorite mushy songs? Even when one or both of you are out of tune, it’s a guarantee you’ll have a fun day singing and recording together.

There are several more ideas to go out with your partner and have fun as a couple than a simple dinner and movie date. You surely can do better than that!