Orthodontic Advances

woman wearing clear alignersOrthodontics have certainly advanced over time and people who have previously held off from correcting crooked teeth are now exploring their teeth straightening options. A good dentist in W1 can now offer braces in all forms and colours suitable for those in all walks of life.

Discretion is the key

A variety of discreet braces are offered by many dental clinics, such as Harley Street Dental clinic in W1. A dentist will assess the patient and then will be able to give advice on the best form of braces for each individual case.

If a patient wishes to have an unnoticeable treatment, a dentist in W1 will be able discuss the option of what is called ‘invisible braces’. This is an innovative design that can be nearly invisible to spot to the untrained eye. They are made up of a series of clear plastic aligners that, over time, apply a continuous but gentle pressure upon the teeth, guiding them into the desired alignment. This is a popular treatment for adults who are in public-facing jobs or just simply do not want to advertise their treatment. The aligners are removable so can be taken out for brushing and eating, as well as for special occasions, which makes them more appealing as well. However, the aligners only work when worn so it is recommended they be worn as often as possible for optimum and quickest result.

Another subtle treatment is the clever lingual braces. The saying ‘same, same but different’ applies here. Lingual braces are very much the same as the traditional metal braces in the respect that they are made up of brackets and wires, but the same definitely stops there. The difference is they are attached to the back of the teeth so are hidden from view. A very clever way of straightening teeth with complete discretion.

So if the vision of a metal mouth was preventing a visit to the dentist in W1, then there is no excuse now. Discreet braces are now readily available and a good dentist in W1 will be happy to give advice to patients wanting to start their journey to a straighter smile.