Outdoor Shutters: Minimising the Negative Effects of UV Rays

Outdoor shutters are effective in blocking the light and heat of the sun, which can be damaging not only to property, but also to your health. Here are three ways that outdoor shutters can minimise these dangers.

1. They Reduce the Health Risks Associated with Exposure to the Sun’s UV Rays

According to the World Health Organization, overexposure to UV rays can lead to chronic skin and eye health problems. Skin cancer and inflammation of the eye are just two conditions you may get when exposed to too much of the sun’s light and heat.

Instead of having to apply sunblock and wearing sunglasses, which is inconvenient and impractical while you are inside your home, consider installing outdoor shutters.

2. They Minimise the Risks of Overworking your Air Conditioning System

It is not uncommon for Perth residents to experience unbearably warm days during the summer and chilling days during the winter. Whenever these happen, your HVAC system works harder to keep you comfortable. With the sun’s rays passing freely into your home, expect to rely on your AC unit even more.

Overworking this equipment can lead to expensive repairs. With outdoor shutters, Perth residents can minimise the use of the AC to lengthen its life and help you lower electricity bills.

3. They Help Prevent Discolouration and Fading of Furniture, Upholstery and Carpeting

In just a short period of time under direct sunlight, you will notice the colour of furniture, decorative pieces, upholstered seats and carpets starting to fade. It is inconvenient if you have to move them away from direct sunlight. In homes with limited space, it may even be impossible. Thankfully, the installation of outdoor shutters can protect them.

There are a lot of good reasons for you to install these window treatments. Feel safe and comfortable in your home while keeping your AC and furniture in good condition.

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