Peaceful Divorces Exist: The Uncontested Divorce

Couple seems to be problematicDivorce has been popularly characterized as messy (and sometimes, violent) battles between a married couple, but you and your spouse may be different. You and your spouse may be able to communicate with each other clearly. You may be able to think of arrangements that will work for the both of you. In such a case, Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. noted that you could file for an uncontested divorce here in Utah.

What is an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce means a divorce wherein you and your spouse have agreed upon arrangements regarding the basic issues. These issues include:

• child custody, visitation, support, and health insurance
• alimony
• division of real estate, personal property, debts, and assets,
• and other issues about your marriage.

When you have agreed upon certain arrangements between yourselves on these topics, you can bypass lawyers and a divorce trial. You simply need to have your divorce agreement approved.

What Can an Uncontested Divorce Bring?

When you do go through it, both of you will be able to save on money. At the same time, you both will be less anxious and stressed throughout the whole process, and it can finish quicker than contested divorces. Granted, you will still have emotional hurts, but you and your family will have some measure of peace that can be of comfort to you and your children.

What to Do in an Uncontested Divorce?

Now, you still need to do something to make sure the whole process benefits you both and not only a single individual. For one, you each can make your own research and investigation to ensure all assets and debts are disclosed and divided fairly. You can make sure that there are no contested issues, too. Finally, you may still want a lawyer to supervise you at least with the divorce agreement and the whole process.

Many couples go through stressful contested divorces. When you have a chance at an uncontested divorce, pursue it for the sake of yourselves and your children.