Pornography in Utah Gone Bad: What To Do

Pornography Addiction in UtahYou may find this unbelievable but it’s true, the US state that has the most number of porn subscriptions is none other than Utah. It broke the record next to Idaho and Tennessee. This shocking fact is divulged by a Harvard economics professor. He tracked subscriptions to online porn sites that lead to the same conclusion.

Other findings publicized that compared to the rest of the states, Utah citizens are more inclined to pornography addiction than the rest. This was proved by the rankings in Google Trends.

In effect, a new proclamation was prompted by a bill that was recently passed in Utah. It came with the declaration that pornography is “a public-health crisis.” The chief sponsor of the bill is Todd Weiler, together with the others who have spoken about the evils of pornography all over the world.

Moreover, the concurrent resolution of the Governor and the Legislature recognizes that pornography is a public health hazard, which may eventually lead to a variety of individual and public health effects including communal harms.

But there is hope after all. There are available porn addiction treatments in Utah. Their treatment processes are based on individual’s needs. These centers are providing help to those who are addicted to porn for them to reclaim their life. During treatment sessions, family support is very important so they allow their visits and active participation in therapy. With utmost care, they encourage their clients to join in support groups and continue with separate therapy.

Pornography can really lead to sex addiction, renowned psychologists believe so. It has spread across the world so fast and affected the lives of many. This is because the cyber world has made easy access to almost anything that you can imagine. The vicious cycle of pornography addiction will not end if the loved-ones of the affected won’t put a stop to it. Either way, with the newly passed bill, everyone can expect more treatment centers to be just around the corner waiting for somebody to seek their help.