Reasons Why Your Fridge is Not Cold Enough

Woman cleaning refrigeratorA refrigerator helps preserve foods. In summer, it comes particularly handy when you need a consistent supply of cold beverages. You know what happens when your refrigerator is not cooling your food enough even if it is set at the coldest temperature possible?

After you have established that the problem is not the dial setting, it is important to call a fridge repair company immediately. All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. reminds homeowners that professionals can tell why your fridge has lost its frosty feel. Additionally, they can replace or repair anything if necessary. Usually, the problem will be any of the following:

Faulty condenser coils

The condenser coils are located at the back of the fridge for most models. They are the air conditioning unit of the refrigerator. It is where refrigerator vapor is turned into liquid and released back to the system. Often, dirty condenser units will render the fridge unable to cool the vapor properly. In some cases, the coils are faulty and need to be replaced altogether.

Incorrect temperature control

The fridge is installed with a thermostat that regulates the temperature. Based on the settings of the dial, the thermostat dictates the cooling activities of the condenser coil. When the fridge is not cooling as it should, it could be that the thermostat is faulty, therefore giving incorrect temperatures. Typically, the refrigerator is set at 32°F (0°C), and the thermostat could be reading a higher temperature than that.

Defective frost-free feature

Most fridges nowadays come with auto defrost functions. They are installed with fans that make sure air circulates evenly. As a result, there can be no excess ice accumulation. When this feature fails, frost builds up around the evaporator coils. Eventually, the evaporator coils fail, and so does the fan.

If you notice that your foods are spoiling while still refrigerated, try adjusting the dial to different temperatures. Also, check if the fridge is well-connected to the electric socket. If the problem persists, call a professional to deal with the issue.