Safe Truck Loader Crane Operations for Owners, Operators and Clients

CraneThe truck loader crane is one of the most in-demand lifting machinery in Singapore. It is a widely-used machine in many industries because of its versatility and its ability to lift and move heavy objects. It even has a massive range of auxiliary tools and connections that enable operators to use it for different services.

There are different variants of the truck loader crane. Some trusted brands, says Wong Fong Engineering, are Palfinger, Pöttinger, Herk, Hektor and Hammeron; each one has a unique set of features, of course. In this post, you’ll learn about how crane owners, operators and clients can contribute to the safe use and operation of the equipment to prevent accidents from happening.

Crane Providers and Owners

The Code of Practice on Safe Lifting Operations in the Workplaces lists down the factors that affect the safety of lifting operations: the machine, material, medium, man, and method. All five contribute to safe operations but there is an emphasis on the fact that crane owners have the responsibility of providing maintenance regimens, safe work procedures, legal compliance and safety communication to prevent accidents.

Crane Operators

Where crane owners are responsible for equipment maintenance, crane operators need to practice due diligence and to perform at their best when using a truck loader crane. They should have proper training and be fit for duty before even operating the equipment.


Clients who require the use of a truck loader crane have roles and responsibilities, as well. They should provide accurate data about the working zone and make sure it is safe for crane operations.

The improper use of cranes and unsafe working zones can lead to life-threatening accidents. The cooperation and communication among clients, operators, and crane companies can help ensure that everyone is safe when a truck loader crane is in use.