Should You Renovate or Move to a New Office?

OfficeHas your company outgrown its current facilities? Perhaps you need to hire more employees, or expand your operations. Whatever the reason might be, the business needs more space to work with. There are two choices available to you: renovate or move.  

Which option is better depends on several factors. It’s not just a matter of costs, since the decision will have both short and long term consequences. Here is an overview of each choice’s advantages and drawbacks.

Renovating your office

Does the office only need some minor updates to be usable? If so, renovation is the easier, quicker, and more economical choice. According to The Caretakers, office renovations in Perth take much less work, especially since clients and employees don’t need to get used to a new location.

However, you need to keep in mind that renovations can be disruptive. Even the most professional crews will have to make noise and rope off areas while working. This can significantly affect productivity, so make sure to time the renovation so that it won’t get in the way of important projects.

You may also find outdated electrical systems or structural problems. Fixing these and bringing them up to code can be expensive, so you need to factor that into the budget as well. However, you can consider this as an investment in workplace safety.

Moving somewhere new

Meanwhile, moving to a new place allows the company to start with a clean slate. You can find or build a facility that matches the company’s needs perfectly. A larger, more prestigious building will also I,prove the company’s image.

If you have the time and resources, then this is a good way to completely change the office environment. Keep in mind that employees could be against the move if it will affect their commute times, though.

Whichever option you go with, remember that it will be a major project. Thorough planning is essential to avoid going over budget and minimising disruption to the company’s workflow.