Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Service

car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - auto mechanic man or smith with tablet pc computer looking for spares at workshop or warehouseCar parts and components play an important role in keeping motorists safe on the road. They should be in top condition for optimum performance. But as time passes, these parts or components can break down due to wear and tear, which is why regular car maintenance is crucial.

Whether you’ve been driving your car for years or you just recently purchased it, it’s still important to have it checked now and then. Look out for these signs to know if your car is due for an immediate fix:

Old, punctured, and damaged tires

Road conditions and temperature changes in Clearfield can greatly affect your car wheels. Buying new tires from Shadetree Automotive and other service centers is a good option especially if they’re six or ten years past their manufacturing date. Also, look for signs such as tread wear, cracks, punctures, and damaged sidewalls especially after hitting a hard object or a curb while turning. Monitor tire pressure also especially during a sudden change in temperature.

Excessive exhaust and hood smoke

Excessive smoke is a sign that something’s not right especially if coming from the hood and the exhaust. The former may be a sign of over-heating. As a short-term remedy, just add fresh water if the engine coolant reservoir is dry and monitor the temperature gauge afterwards. The latter, on the other hand, may be a sign of an oil leak. Both problems, however, need to be checked by your service center as soon as possible.

Noisy brakes

Whether it’s a high pitch or a grinding noise, you may want to have your brakes checked or even replaced because the brake pads might already be damaging the rotor. Also, be aware of how the brake pedal responds to pressure. The normal response is usually solid and firm. Otherwise, it’s a sign to contact your trusted mechanic.