Staycation: Fending Off the Concrete Jungle of the City

Budget StaycationThe world has become a race or a hamster wheel; most people repeat the same demanding task of beating strict deadlines and the challenges of closing a deal. The pressure keeps piling up, and if you could not balance it, the entire thing would topple like a house of cards.

That’s why taking short periodic breaks from the day-to-day hustle are essential. But, sometimes, the best places are too far from most cities. This is compounded by increasing fuel costs, not to mention the time spent on airports, which, overall, shortens actual relaxation and recreation time. 

Weekend Getaway Near Home, Time and Cost Wise 

A change of ambience can do the trick, but how about doing it nearby? A hotel staycation is one popular option, Regatta Hotel notes. Taking a vacation without having to travel far away or stay in a hotel near home for a change of scenery and ambience. Indulge in a comfy hotel bed, get a massage or order room service dinner.

Be a Tourist and Indulge

There are so many ways to indulge and relax without actually having to leave the city:

If the hotel happens to be near the beach or has a pool, step out of the room and enjoy a refreshing swim. Watch the sunset while sipping a margarita or a cold beer. Or rent a sailboat and enjoy the sea breeze.

Savour the moment with the family and catch up on the missing moments. Either have a picnic on the courtyard ground or take advantage of the hotel’s spa salon, fitness centre and game room. Or reconnect with old friends on the street cafe and have a fun conversation.

Visit a restaurant and try new cuisine. Culinary adventures can be both exciting and rewarding.

Check the front bar and have a relaxing evening, mingle and socialise with people outside your daily work jungle.

Go shopping and try a new outfit.

Or maybe throwing a party for the latest promotion, perhaps a function venue is a good place to celebrate.

In Brisbane, you can discover a fun way for relaxation and recreation without having to fly or drive away from home.