Surprising Allergies: Why is Dust Collection Important to Your Office?

Dust Collection in San DiegoThe purpose of a dust collection system is to improve the air quality in industrial and commercial facilities. In collecting dust and other particulates in the air, a dust collector prevents allergies and other respiratory ailments, which consequently enhances employee productivity.

The Consequences of Dust in the Air

Apart from allergies, which impair breathing, dust can also trigger asthma symptoms. Coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness are a few examples of asthma’s symptoms. People with allergies to dust are often unaware of where their allergies come from. Take, for instance, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting, which are the normal ways of freeing an area of dust. Immediately after the cleaning activity, the people in the area find themselves exhibiting the symptoms of asthma.

These cleaning processes are, in fact, the cause of the symptoms. It is through these cleaning methods that dust particles are stirred, increasing the chances for their inhalation. Sneezing and having a runny nose, red and teary eyes, and itching are the manifestations of dust allergy. Dust collection is the most effective solution in combating the existence of dust in the air.

The Significance of Dust Collection

Not only does dust collection keep an office’s employees healthy from asthma and allergies, the impact of clearing the air of dust affects productivity in other ways. Q Applied Systems, for instance, cites dust as the “common enemy of all forms of technology.” By managing the amount of dust in an office, the productivity of employees improves through two ways – they are healthier and their equipment is cleaner. Efficiency in production and less risk for health hazards enable better performance.

Web MD states that a single speck of dust can contain a slew of allergens; pet dander, the parts of a dead cockroach, mold spores, dead skin, and dust mites can cause dust allergies. In the U.S., dust mite allergies are among the leading causes of airborne allergies.

Conclusively, the beneficial effects of dust collection should be considered instead of downplayed. It improves the living and working condition of an office’s people and extends the lifespan of the space itself.