The 4 Paths to Adoption for Childless Couples

Couple speaking with adoption agencyFor many married couples, having a child is the culmination of their dreams. So, they are left devastated when a doctor says it can’t happen due to medical reasons. They do have another course of action, though, and that is adoption.

In the United States, there are different types of adoption, and choosing which one suits you best can be tough. It would be advisable to get help from experts like child support attorneys in Albuquerque who also have ample knowledge in adoption cases as they specialize in family law.

To give you an idea of how you can welcome a child as your own into your home, here are the paths to adoption:

Adoption agency

This is for those wishing to adopt a U.S.-born baby. The agency “matches” the birth parents with the adoptive` parents and sets up a meeting between the two parties. The purpose is to iron out certain conditions that the birth parents may have, like regular contact with the child even after being adopted. Going through an adoption agency means you will be guided at every step of the adoption process. On the downside, it might take longer before the agency finds you a match.

Independent adoption

In this type of adoption process, the adoptive parents search for a potential birth mother through different means, usually by sending letters to obstetricians. They will need the help of a lawyer to do the paperwork or even lead the search. Do note that states have their respective laws with regard to this type of adoption, so make sure you know yours before you act.

International adoption

You may have read of actress Angelina Jolie adopting children from Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. You can, too, even if you’re not a famous actor (and not necessarily from those countries either). You will need the help, though, of U.S.-based agencies that will coordinate with the placing agency in the other country. You and your spouse may be required to personally pick up the child from their home country.

Foster care adoption

Perhaps, this is the more well-known form of adoption as it’s been often depicted in movies. You can directly apply to adopt a child from foster care, or you can be foster parents first and wait until the rights of the birth parents are terminated before you officially adopt their child. Take note that the average age of children waiting to be adopted from foster care is 7.8 years.

Keep in mind that each of these adoption methods come at different costs, which may ultimately affect your decision as to which option to choose.