The Lawn Care Guide for Busy Homeowners

A beautiful landscaped garden Lawns continue to be the darling of homeowners today. But you may lack the time to attend to your lawn. In this case, you can ask a lawn solutions provider for lawn fertilization, pest control, weed removal, and even landscaping services. You can still take care of your lawn in your little spare time, of course.

When you take the time to care for your lawn, you might still make common mistakes. Fortunately, your lawn care provider can easily remedy such problems. Here’s a lawn care guide for busy homeowners like you.

Water on a Schedule

Common lawn care mistakes include watering your lawn on a daily basis. Contrary to popular conception, lawns can grow healthier with occasional but deep watering. A deep soak can encourage deep root growth.

When you have made the mistake of watering your lawn daily, you can coordinate with your lawn care provider to maintain a watering schedule or maintenance calendar that also factors in rain. A schedule can help you and your service provider know when your lawn needs watering. You can save water in this way as well.

Use the Proper Fertilizer

Your lawn needs fertilizing in late spring. You can fertilize it when you can, but you may make the mistake of choosing the wrong fertilizer. Greenside Landscaping notes that different grasses and soil types need different fertilizers. To avoid choosing and using the wrong product, you can leave the job to your lawn fertilization service provider in Utah.

Mow Just Enough

During summer, your lawn grass will start to grow faster than you can mow. In the little time you have for lawn care, you may do some extra mowing, which can actually be unhealthy. You can only mow a maximum one-third of the grass blade for healthy lawn growth. Your lawn care provider can ensure constant and controlled mowing.

With these solutions, even a busy person can have a lush green lawn that may become the envy of the neighborhood. Follow these reminders in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn at home.