The Two Most Valuable Rooms in Your House and How to Maximise Them

Modern HomeHome improvements can be quite costly, but the right changes can pay for themselves — if not more. Certain home improvements can drastically raise your house’s value, making it more appealing and hence more expensive.

The improvements you make in two particular rooms often return more than a hundred percent of what you put in.

Classy Kitchens

When it comes to valuation, your kitchen holds the most valuable spot. Custom-made kitchen benchtops and countertops are investments that make your kitchen look luxurious and professional.

Often these investments return more than 100 per cent of their costs when it comes to valuation. However, make sure to keep your kitchen functional and avoid garish personal additions.

Keeping the kitchen functional, simple and elegant is more important than going for the latest trends —which may not appeal to future buyers anyway. Stick with traditional wooden cabinets as these are generally liked.

High-end appliances are perfect additions since they add to functionality without little or no additional construction needed. If you want a more cohesive look, consider sourcing from the same manufacturer for all your kitchen appliances.

Modern Bathrooms

Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are the most influential to your home’s value. Pristine looking bathrooms with modern amenities make sure that your bathrooms remain appealing to future buyers. If you have the space for it, an additional bathroom greatly enhances a house’s selling price.

If it is between adding a second bathroom and remodelling an existing one — a second bathroom is the better option.

Well-placed lighting fixtures make your bathrooms appear professionally done. Avoid personal choices like hanging chandelier-like lights as taste is different for everyone. Stick to functional and professional-looking fixtures and placements.

Even if you have no plans of selling soon, your family still benefits greatly from these home improvements. Think of it as investing in your family’s present — while investing in the future.