The Undermount Sink: Don’t Forget the Faucet and Accessories

kitchen sink being renovatedBefore, it was fairly easy to figure out where you could place the faucet and sink accessories, mainly because sinks were usually top-mounted and already came with pre-drilled holes. These days, however, homeowners favor undermount sinks because of easier maintenance and cleaner appearance.

The thing is, you won’t get predrilled holes with an undermount sink since it’s made to be installed below your countertop, with the accessories and faucet installed directly on your countertop.

So where should you drill the holes for all these and how many?

What Accessories Do You Need?

Before having holes drilled on your countertop, you first need to determine what accessories and faucet type you want. Careful planning in advance would help make certain that you get the most aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Of course, you can also achieve this through proper spacing, especially because sink accessories and faucets are available in a plethora of sizes and styles.

It Has to Fit

In general, you certainly need a faucet, but you need to choose from different sink accessories such as an air switch, air gap, soap dispenser, water filter, side spray, and hot water dispenser.

Your sink accessories and faucet preferably must not extend beyond your sink’s edges or else your lovely quartz countertop in your Utah home would look cluttered. If you must have all the accessories you could get your hands on, opt for a bigger sink.

Once you have selected your accessories, you now need to plot the spacing and payout of where everything should go. To give you an idea, the most common layout includes the faucet in the middle and accessories spaced four to eight inches apart from each other.

Summing Up

Keep in mind that planning is key to a successful undermount sink, faucet, and accessories installation. It’s also a good idea to select the accessories and faucets beforehand so you could see how they would look like before drilling any holes.

When considering your options, it could be helpful to determine first where you want the handle to mount on your faucet. For example, if it’s on the side, consider placing an air switch beside the handle rather than a water filter because the air switch won’t crowd your faucet.

Put simply, planning would ensure that you get the results you want.