Things to Ask from Your Stylist About Hair Extensions

Hair ExtensionsWaiting for your hair to grow takes forever. It can be annoying when you want to get a certain look for an event, but cannot pull it off because your hair is not that long. Using hair-growing shampoos will not give you the hair you want in time. Instead, you may resort to hair extensions. Using these accessories may help you get the length of hair you want, but it takes skill to wear them properly. Here are some things you need to ask when getting hair extensions.

Ask for photos

The best way to see if your chosen stylist can give you the look you want with extensions is to ask for proof. Get their portfolio of previous works and see how natural their work looks. Getting that natural look is the goal and you should not look like you are wearing extensions, according to the experts from Circles of Subiaco. Have a look at how it would be on all sides, not just the front.

Ask about the care

Hair extensions need care just like your real locks. It can get tangled, look dry or lose its lustre. You might need to get a special brush so you do not end up damaging your extensions when brushing them. Just like real hair, you may need to apply conditioner on them to keep the softness and volume. Depending on the material used for your extensions, you may need to be gentler to them to avoid damage.

Shop around for hair extensions in Perth and find a set that matches the colour of your natural hair. Remember to get those that are not heavier than your hair. The key to getting a great look is to maintain your natural mane and keep it healthy. A healthier weave can stand the pressure of extensions. Get extensions of different weights to get the proper balance you are looking for.