Thinking of Getting Suspended Stairs? Here are a Few Things You Should Consider

House with Floating Stairs

Most of today’s newly-built homes are packed with modern features that highlight the minimalist design. The saying, “less is more,” has never been truer in designing homes. More and more people, these days, are opting for a simple, no-nonsense look to their home’s aesthetic – clean lines that exude an edgy yet effortless ambience.

Among these modern features is the suspended staircase. In fact, this design has earned a lot of praise and popularity over the years. Design experts at Ackworth House tell us that suspended stairs are great for modern homes. This set-up adds that minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing character–a quality that blends in yet also stands out in a modern atmosphere. But, while floating stairs are quite the charmer, there are a few things you must consider when you’re planning an installation.


Climbing up and down suspended stairs may pose safety concerns if you have small children or senior citizens in the family. However, you can always go for suspended steps with enough railings and support. Most suspended staircases do not have safety railings, but it is not unheard of, either, to include these in the design. These modern steps are also known for the blank spaces in between and the lack of visible support, giving it that floating illusion.


Suspended staircases can conserve a lot of space, making it the perfect addition to modern minimalist homes. For non-minimalist homes, it’s best to make use of the space saved to create additional storage/decorative solutions that you may need. As much as you’d like to keep the home light and looking spacious, don’t be afraid to toss in a few ideas to best utilise the free floor area underneath the steps.


While floating stairs are incredibly chic and do not need much more in the “looks” department, you must ensure the quality of the staircase’s construction. Make sure to hire only the best architects and contracts to put together your suspended staircase for you and your home. Don’t compromise your safety for aesthetic.

These three considerations are key to deciding whether suspended stairs are the right staircase set-up for you. This setup is not for everybody, granted, but it undoubtedly adds beauty and interest to a home.