Three Tips for Harvesting Fruit

A crate of newly harvested fruitsThe harvesting season is the most exciting period for every farmer. Energy and money spent caring for your plants have finally borne fruit. Still, that doesn’t mean that everything is done. You still need to go about plucking the fruits of your labour correctly to minimise any waste. Here are three tips for harvesting your fruits.

Bring the Right Harvesting Tools and Equipment

By this time, you’ve come to appreciate the role that the right tools play in each developmental phase of your fruit trees. As you set out to harvest fruit, you need to assemble the proper tools, from a nally bin to an orchard ladder. You may also need to bring a garden cart and a fruit picker.

Decide on Which Harvesting Technique to Use

You can use different harvesting techniques based on what kind of fruit you are harvesting. If you want to collect apples, for instance, try shaking the limb of the tree. Be sure to spread a sheet under the tree. If you are harvesting hard-to-reach fruit, try using a fruit picker basket. For fruits that are hard to remove by pulling, try using pole pruners to collect them. Pomegranates, on the other hand, require twisting and pulling.

Sort Fruit After Harvesting

As soon as you have finished harvesting, you need to scrutinise the fruit, sorting the good fruit from the bad. Remove leaves and other debris. What is not required can be composted. If you feel that you have harvested new fruit, decide what to do with the surplus. For instance, you can donate them to a local food bank.

Trees bearing fruits are a fulfilling sight and tangible proof of your hard work. To make sure that your efforts don’t go to waste, it’s essential that you apply the appropriate harvesting methods.