Top 3 Tips for Making Your Tires Last Longer

Stack of rtiresTires play an integral role in ensuring you have a safe, comfortable and smooth ride in your car. So, it’s only fair that you give them the treatment they deserve through regular servicing at the garage.

Here are some of the ways you can do to make your tires last longer.

Proper inflation

At times knowing the right pressure for your tires may be challenging. Under-inflation causes more wear on the outside of your tires. Too much tires pressure, on the other hand, produces more wear and tear at the center of the tires.

But you can easily solve this by reading the car owner’s manual, which you should have already you’re your vehicle. Or you can inquire when you shop for new tires in Clearfield from car service centers such as Shadetree Automotive.

Read it for directions and levels of pressure that your tires require. Alternatively, consult your mechanics on the right tire inflation since they know better. Maintaining the proper pressure in tires reduces uneven wear.

Cautious driving

As simple as it sounds, it carries a lot of weight. Proper handling of your vehicle while on the roads is critical. Gentle gear changes and subtle braking reduces friction between the tires and road surface, which means less wear and tear.

Ensure you negotiate sharp corners at slower speed. Check on the condition of the roads that you ride on, and avoid routes with too many potholes. Alternatively, use these roads but at a slower speed to reduce the bumping force.

Regular tire rotation and alignment

Schedule tire rotation with your mechanic at least twice a year. Regularly rotating your car tires helps you detect misalignments early and seek alignment services at the garage in time. Tire alignment problems usually reduce fuel efficiency, gas mileage and, generally, your car’s lifespan.

These tire problems also lead to uneven wear and tear, requiring that you replace the tires more often than you ought to.

Tire maintenance shouldn’t be a daunting task to anyone. Just follow the necessary, easy, and inexpensive steps above, and you’ll surely get the most out of your tires.