Tricking Your Children into Eating Healthier Food

Family eating healthy foodInstilling healthy eating habits in your children will help them as they grow old. They will need the nutrition to develop their physical, mental, and emotional health. Eating healthy will also help them develop a taste for healthier options as they get more exposure to different types of food.

The difficult part is getting your child to pick vegetables and healthy dishes over chicken nuggets and processed cheese. Other parents find their own ways to add nutrients to their kids’ diets, and these tricks may make it easier for you.

Use Healthier Alternatives

You do not have to stop serving your kids food that they enjoy eating. Instead, find a way to make that food healthy. There are many recipes online that put a healthy spin on kids’ meals.

Instead of buying processed chicken nuggets filled with salt and sodium, try to find recipes for homemade chicken nuggets. Instead of regular pasta, opt for healthier alternatives with more nutrients. Pasta Fermentata recommends trying healthier pasta products blended with healthy grains such as quinoa.

Advertise Taste, Not Health

Don’t serve a dish and tell your kids how nutritious it is; chances are, they will not understand nor care if it’s healthy. Dietitian and Benedictine University faculty member Christine Palumbo recommends telling children that the food tastes good. They are more likely to try a new dish if they think it tastes good.

Eating healthy does not mean banning junk food completely, according to Palumbo and dietitian and Harper College instructor Nancy Rodriguez. Banning junk food may turn it into a forbidden fruit that children would crave for more often. Instead, provide junk food in moderation.

It is a parent’s responsibility to feed their children healthy dishes. This may be difficult, but it is possible to find a way to suit your child’s tastes while still providing nutritional value. Opt for alternative healthier versions of their favorite dishes, letting your child focus on the taste and allowing them to eat junk food in moderation.