Types of Brake Pads Available for Your Picking

Driver's seatYou don’t drive your Nissan just because it looks good. You drive it because it also delivers exemplary performance and unique handling capabilities.

However, after a while, you might find the car’s performance deteriorating. Sometimes, it takes longer to stop, and you have to start braking twenty miles away from your stopping point.

In such a case, you can improve the safety of your Nissan Maxima by replacing car parts on time. When called for, you will need to know the types of brake pads that you could opt for. Here are the various kinds of brake pads.

Semi-metallic pads

Their biggest advantage is that they are very durable, although they wear out rotors faster than their counterparts. In low temperatures, these brake pads might not function properly due to their composition.

Non-asbestos organic pads

Commonly known as NAO, these brake pads are made from natural materials. The organic materials could be Kevlar, rubber, glass or fibre. The result is softer pads that are quiet. The downside is that they wear out faster, after which they let out a lot of dust.

Ceramic brake pads

These types of pads are primarily made of ceramic fibres. These pads are the most expensive choice you can pick. It is worth it, however, because not only are they quieter, they are also cleaner. The icing on the cake is that these braking pads function excellently without wearing out the brake rotors.

In some cases, you might find a combination of metallic and NAO brake pads that would do well in your car. Most of them usually have a small amount of the metal component to protect the rotors while enjoying the benefit of their durability. Unfortunately, the benefits of the added metal come with a level of noise that would otherwise not be there.