Types of Inground Pools You Can Choose From

inground pool at sunsetInground swimming pools are a remarkable alternative to on the ground pools. They are long-lasting and will give a space a beautiful transformation due to the advantage of customizing your own pool to fit your home design. They are also stronger due to the construction process.

Inground swimming pools require a lot more planning and money but are worth the input. You can consult a pool contractor in Salt Lake City, and get an estimate on the cost of construction. If you decide to go for it, here are some types of inground pools to consider, according to dolphin-pools.com.


These are ready-made and come in a shell form. After delivery to the construction site, they are then inserted into the dugout hole. The advantage of fiberglass pools is the quick and easy building process. Additionally, the interior is smooth making it resistant to algae.

Concrete Pools

These are the most common due to the porous and long-lasting nature of concrete. A hole is dug into the ground and then lined with steel rods. If you want a custom-made pool, this is the perfect type to consider. The finishing depends on your taste, as you can choose from pebble aggregate, tiles, or stone.


Contractors build vinyl-lined pools with plastic or metal frames. Aluminum, plastic or steel supporting walls are then attached to the frame. They then line this with vinyl. Consider purchasing vinyl lining with ultraviolet and fungus inhibitors to extend the lifespan.

The long-lasting nature of inground swimming pools makes it a worthwhile venture. Depending on the type you settle for, consider factors such as the design of the pool, the location that you want it, water sanitation, and your budget. All in all, you should not shy away from getting yourself that exotic treatment at the comfort of your backyard.