Understanding the Wonders of Aluminium

An aluminium sheetPeople deal with aluminium almost every day. That medicine wrap you throw away after taking your supplements is aluminium, so as the foil you use to wrap your take away from a fast food chain. The rampant usage of aluminium all over the world will make you stop and think what makes it so special and what exactly it is made of.

Other than being a popular element in the periodic table, aluminium is among the most widely used materials in on the planet. Learn how this element can be as soft as an aluminium foil and as hard and durable as an aluminium pipe.

Properties of aluminium

Known as the second most used metal in the world after iron, aluminium goes beyond being an abundant element on earth. It is lightweight but is very durable. It likewise has superior malleability, making it easy to mould it into different shapes and sizes. Aluminium is a good natural thermal and electrical conductor. The best thing is it does not rust (corrosion resistant) and is easy to recycle.

Aluminium has non-magnetic properties, which is why it is often used in X-ray devices to avoid any magnetic interference. It is likewise odourless, which makes it safe for use in the food and medical industry. Despite being as thin as an aluminium foil, the material is impermeable.

Different uses of aluminium

Aside from the food and pharmaceutical industry, the transportation business uses aluminium on a wide scale. This is because its weight and strength ratio is truly optimal. The lighter the materials used, the faster the transportation can go. The material offers all these benefits without sacrificing its safety and durability.

The construction industry likewise uses aluminium to get the job done. The modern architecture uses aluminium because it gives a great finish and is practically low maintenance.

Truly, aluminium is an element worth studying and using. Hopefully, in the future, people will be able to enjoy other uses of this precious material.