Ways to Maintain Tiled Flooring

House with wood flooringA majority of homes are fitted with tiles. Some choose to cover their floors with rugs and carpets, while others choose not to. Either way, it calls for basic knowledge on how to keep your tile floors looking clean and in superb condition. Here are ways to maintain tiles at home.

1. Seal gaps between tiles.

Over time, gaps form between tiles. These gaps make way for water and other liquid substances to seep through. This can cause staining and chipping of tiles.

Avoid this by always keeping your floors clean and dry. Be sure to seal these gaps with grout as soon as they form. Alternatively, contact commercial flooring contractors to help you take care of your tiles.

2. Use appropriate cleaners.

Kitchen and bathroom flooring are more prone to staining and chipping than other areas of the house. To keep them from staining go for mild cleaners with lower acidity levels.

On the other hand, you can make your own homemade cleaner by mixing a cup of baking soda with four litres of water. Stronger tile cleaners may get the tiles clean, but their prolonged use may cause fading leaving the tiles looking pale.

3. Repair and replace.

Some tiles accidentally crack and break. Using a chisel, carefully remove the tile and be cautious not to damage any nearby tiles that are in good shape. Carefully replace the tile making sure to seal all the spaces surrounding it. Leaving gaps may compromise the rest of the tiles.

Look out for coloured spills, metal objects or pet stains. You need to clean these up immediately as they cause permanent stains on tiles. They make beautiful floors look unkempt and unattractive. Resolve issues with your tiles as soon as you notice them to avoid higher costs having to repair the entire floor.