What Causes Premature Hair Loss Among Chinese Students?

man looking at his hairAn increasing rate of premature hair loss among the younger Chinese generation has manifested through more people seeking treatment, whilst also indicating a bigger demand for products such as Hairmax Advanced 7 laser combs.

Beijing-based Tsinghua University conducted a survey of 4,000 students in October 2017. It showed that nearly 60 per cent of young people are losing hair earlier than expected.

Premature Hair Loss

Some signs of premature alopecia reported by the respondents include a receding hairline, which affects around 40 per cent of the students. On the other hand, family and friends told 25 per cent of the students about their hair problem.

Those who study arts and Marxism were found to be more prone to hair loss than mathematics, science and automotive engineering students, according to the research. Some doctors also said that people as young as 21 years old begin to lose hair; although the condition becomes noticeable by the time they reach between 24 and 25 years old. Consumer sales of hair products also reflected the trend, as online retail purchases were among the top items in 2017.


Whilst there is still no cure for alopecia, many products have claimed to slow down hair loss or even promise hair growth. Finasteride and Minoxidil are some of the medications that work under certain circumstances.

Minoxidil offers the best results for those who are below 40 years old. It is effective for two out of three men. Finasteride works for around 90% of men by stopping or slowing down hair loss, while around 70% of users experience hair regrowth. A caveat, however, involves regular use of these products to maintain the results.

As more people experience hair loss at a younger age, retailers of pharmaceutical and hair products should consider how they can offer the best type of treatment for every person.