When Gardening Gets Challenging, Call the Experts

Smiling arborist in a gardenTending to the garden isn’t always easy, whether you’re getting older, living with a disability or just not sure what you’re doing. If outdoor work is becoming a challenge, why not call in the experts?

Gardens are beautiful and can provide a relaxing and scenic space to enjoy time with the family. Keeping that area maintained, however, can take a lot of effort and may be difficult or impossible for the elderly, people with medical conditions or mothers with small children.

Hazards in the Garden

In 2014 there were 3000 gardening injuries in only one area of New Zealand – The Bay of Plenty. The most common injuries were sprains, cuts and falling injuries. Less common were concussions and burns. Four people in that area had brain injuries.

There are lots of hazards in the garden that can lead to injury:

Falling Hazards

Tending raised flower beds and sloping lawns and climbing ladders to prune trees and hedges can cause falling accidents. Tree stumps that are not removed can be trip hazards, particularly for small children.

In the winter, slippery paving stones can also cause a problem.

Equipment Hazards

Gardening equipment such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, hedge cutters, leaf shredders and wood chippers can all cause physical injury. The noise generated by the machinery can also damage hearing if the correct precautions aren’t employed – for example, ear muffs. Some machines have silencers fitted or are manufactured with a lower noise level.

Reducing Gardening Risks

Reducing the risk of gardening accidents is easy – just hand the job to the experts. A professional gardener from Tree Fellers can regularly trim hedges safely. To keep them looking neat and tidy, hedges should ideally be trimmed twice a year.

Lawn-mowing and tree removal can also be provided, and specialist equipment is used.