Why Lavender is One of The Best Essential Oils

LavenderSince the time that lavender oil was first discovered, it has been used in many applications. Did you know that lavender oil was exclusively made for ancient Egyptian royal families? The Egyptians believed that only their elite classes were worthy to use lavender oil for cosmetics, massage oils and medicines.

In this day and age, we can all agree that the use of lavender is now common, such as in its use as an essential oil. Perfume, shampoo and skin lotion are some beauty products that use the various beneficial attributes of lavender oil. Other than making ourselves look beautiful, lavender oil is also used to soothe the skin from minor cuts and burns.

Almost everyone could agree that lavender oil is one of the most fragrant scents in the world. You probably have inhaled lavender and smelled its calming scent. Besides its relaxing fragrance, the Hop Shop says that you can actually use lavender oil in many other ways.

Lavender as a Sleep Aid

Lavender oil can be used to help you fall asleep. Its aroma can decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, making you feel more relaxed. There are studies that show people who inhaled lavender oil before sleeping had better quality sleep and woke up with more energy. Using lavender oil as a stress reliever at home is a great way to go to sleep. You can put a few drops onto a handkerchief and keep it at the side of your bed so that you can better inhale its comforting fragrance.

Cook with Lavender

When you wake up, you may fancy cooking yourself a meal. You can use food essences that are made from lavender oil to bake and cook delicious food. Lavender-infused food such as short bread, tea cake and scones can not only give you a unique snack but it can also fill-up the kitchen with a sweet-smelling lavender scent. Whether it is inhaled or eaten, lavender oil is a delightful and calming essential oil.