Why Play Time is Important for Kids

Singaporean kids face a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed academically at a young age. They must do well in their math and science subjects to get into the country’s prestigious universities and colleges.

The rat race begins at an early age, hampering their overall growth and stressing them out before they even get to middle school. Providing them with enough play time affects their social, physical, and emotional wellbeing in positive ways.

Spending Time with Family

Quality time with family does wonders to a child’s development and wellbeing. Spending weekends with your child make them feel loved and cared for. These assure them that you will take care of them no matter what happens. This assurance builds their confidence in their abilities, whether they are studying or making life decisions in adulthood.

Singapore has plenty of attractions perfect for family bonding time. Port of Lost Wonder is a fun theme park and party venue for families looking for a good time. Universal Studios is another fun destination where children and parents alike can enjoy different rides until the sun sets.

Building Blocks of Social Skills

Unstructured play is a great learning ground for children to understand the concept of sharing, resolving group problems, making decisions, and working together as a team. All these social skills are important to succeed in the workplace and become a holistic adult.

Structured play teaches children to follow the rules. It helps them understand the concept of they cannot do everything and anything they want, without understanding its consequences.

It may take some time for some children to learn these social skills, but through play time, they pass the learning curve faster.

Creative Development

Your kids will eventually leave the confines of your home at some point. Teaching them assertiveness, creativity, and confidence at a young age prepares them for the future.

Unstructured play improves your child’s creativity as it lets them discover the world through their wide-eyed wonder. Young kids learn about the world around them through their experiences. Allowing them to play on their own lets them explore and try new things.

Ease some of the pressure your child faces by letting them play or spending quality time with them. Play time is not only fun, but also prepares your child for the future and teaches them vital social and cognitive skills.

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