Why Surface Preparation is the Key to a Long Lasting Paint System

An industrial painter at workCoating is one of the most important processes carried out by many industries. It involves several steps, including the final coating, which uses film-forming substances combined with additives. These include pigments and solvents as the most visible or the ones covering the top-most layer.

Any professional knows that before the application of this final layer, they’ll need to conduct proper surface preparation. In fact, they regard this as the most crucial step of the whole coating process. Here’s why:

Promoting coating durability and longevity

A majority of coating problems and failures are directly associated with an incorrect surface preparation, and previous works have already proven this claim. Regardless of the quality of paint materials or workmanship, it will ultimately fail unless the paint surface underwent proper preparation. At their core, surface cleaning and decontaminating ensure the durability and longevity of the paint system.

Ensuring paint adhesion

Good surface preparation procedures, such as sandblasting services, are critical to any paintwork since these methods allow the ease and proper adhesion of paint. When done properly, these eliminate contaminants, such as loose rust, dirt, dust, debris, oil, chemicals, salts, grease, and other elements that can compromise the entire paint system. In other words, it is only through extensive surface preparation that a paint system can perform at its peak.

Preventing surface material corrosion

Incorrectly prepared surfaces that have already undergone painting are at high risk of corrosion. When this takes place, you can expect all the layers to warp, blister, bubble, and peel away sooner than expected. The chemicals that the paint contains can further aggravate the corrosion, leading to premature failure that can cost you more money for repairs.

Rather than compromising the paint and the overall quality of your products, it’s best to invest in good surface preparation. This way, you can ensure the durability and longevity of these materials right from the beginning.